Test Prep – SAT and ACT

My Test Preparation services are designed for the high school student who

  • wants to do test prep
  • has a high level of motivation
  • is already taking ownership of his or her future
  • will treat test prep as a priority
  • is willing to learn and to replace old habits with new ways of thinking and doing
  • prefers one-to-one coaching
  • has already taken one of the following: PSAT, SAT, or ACT

Standardized tests require more from a student than just academic knowledge. The student’s level of critical thinking skills and the student’s ability to manage emotions (fear, boredom, frustration, self-doubt) during the test each have a significant impact on a student’s score. My approach goes beyond the academics to include coaching in critical thinking and in managing the emotions that may impede a student’s performance.

To address each student’s individual needs, we may focus on any or all of the following:

  • test-specific academics and strategies
  • student-specific strategies
  • critical reading skills
  • critical thinking skills and “thinking outside of the textbook”
  • managing emotions (fear, boredom, frustration, self-doubt) that can impede performance and adversely affect test scores
  • time management

During an initial in-office consultation with the student and parent(s), we identify the concerns and issues to be addressed during test prep, and then develop a customized plan for the student. Parents are asked to communicate openly with me before and throughout the process, and I will keep parents informed of the student’s progress, and communicate any issues that may arise along the way.

Most of my students have completed test prep in 8-12 sessions, depending on the student’s individual needs. (Some students with ADD may need additional sessions.) Each session lasts 1 ½ hours, and students are required to complete a homework assignment between sessions. If homework is not completed, parents will be notified.

The consultation and all coaching sessions take place in my office in north-central Naples, Florida, which is convenient to most Naples schools.

Please also see the FAQs from Parents page

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Parents may contact me to arrange a phone consultation. You will not be subjected to a sales pitch. We will simply discuss the student’s needs and issues, and I will provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.  For fee schedule, please click here.