Personal Statement Preparation

College students applying to various types of graduate schools, including nursing school and medical school, are often required to submit a Personal Statement with the application. By submitting a memorable, impactful statement, the student can set himself or herself apart from other applicants.

For students who have already written a first draft of the statement, we will use that as a starting point for any necessary revisions of content, organization, and writing skills.

For students who are not sure how to begin writing a Personal Statement, we will have an initial session in which I will provide guidance on the type of content that should/ should not be included in the Personal Statement, and we will also “brainstorm” to generate ideas that the student may use to begin writing.

Writing a Personal Statement is a process, so several revisions are usually necessary. When all content and organization issues have been resolved, I will finalize the statement by proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Because there is a “black market” for Personal Statements, I want to  assure you that I hold my students’ Personal Statement content in the strictest of confidence, and that I do not deal in the buying or selling of Personal Statements.

For more information, parents may contact me to arrange a phone consultation. You will  not be subjected to a sales pitch. We will simply discuss the student’s needs, and I provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. For fee schedule, please click here.