Parents’ FAQs

What kind of students enroll in your Test Prep services? Highly motivated students. My primary focus is on the type of student who is already beginning to take ownership of his or her future. I work with students of various IQ levels (from very high IQ to mild learning issues,) and my approach is to meet each student at his or her level and to help the student maximize his or her capacity.  See Test Prep page for more info.

When should students begin test prep? It depends on the student. If your high school junior is initiating conversations with you about college, beginning to develop longer-term goals, and taking action to move towards those goals, it is highly likely that the student is ready to take test prep seriously. The students who get the most out of test prep are the ones who have their own reasons for wanting to improve their scores.  For a schedule of upcoming tests, click here.

Can Test Prep also help a student with his or her school work? Yes, there can be “carryover” into a student’s academic work. Many of my students have remarked that what they learned in Test Prep helped them improve their grades in certain subjects such as Reading, Writing, Grammar, or Mathematics. The most common remark is from students who have applied their newly acquired Critical Reading skills to their reading quizzes and tests in English class.

Do you work with students who have ADD? Yes, over the years, I have worked with many students who have ADD, and find that they often respond well to one-to-one coaching. I do not, however, have specialized training in working with students who have severe learning issues. If you are unsure if my services would be appropriate for your teenager, we can discuss the nature of the student’s issues and I will be frank with you if I feel that the issues are beyond my scope.

Do you take referrals? Yes. In fact, 97% of parents who have enrolled their children in my Test Prep services were referred to me by my previous clients.  91% of my clients who have more than one child have returned to me with their younger children.

What high schools do your Test Prep students attend? My students attend Naples High, Community School, Barron-Collier, Seagate, St. John Neumann, Gulf Coast High,  FSW, FLVS, and boarding schools. I also work with homeschooled students, provided they have already taken the PSAT.

To what colleges have your Test Prep students been accepted?  My students have been accepted by a wide range of colleges and universities, both in-state (FSU, UCF, UF, USF, U. Miami, Rollins) and out-of-state (American University, Auburn, Cornell, Duke, Elon, Emory, George Washington University, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Notre Dame, University of Colorado, University or Georgia, University of North Carolina, and Vanderbilt, to name a few.)

Is Test Prep once per week or twice per week? We can set a schedule that is feasible for the student. For students who are just beginning the test prep process or who have busy schedules, it is usually better to schedule test prep sessions once per week. There will be a homework assignment in between each session.

For more information, parents may contact me to arrange an initial phone consultation.  You will not be subjected to a sales pitch. We will simply discuss the student’s needs and issues, and I will provide you with more information about my services and answer any questions you may have. For Fee Schedule, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: For the initial phone consultation, I will need to know the student’s previous test scores by sub-section for PSAT, SAT, or ACT. The student’s previous test scores are the main factor in determining how many sessions a student will need.

All services are confidential. A student’s test scores will not be disclosed or discussed with anyone other than the student and his or her parents.