Menu of Services, Fee Schedule

When a parent enrolls a student enrolls in any of my services, the fees are “locked” so that the parents will not be subject to a fee increase if the student wishes to return later for any additional services before graduating from high school.

For students beginning now through December 31, 2018:

Test Prep:  $130/hour + books/materials fee of $25.00 for SAT or $30.00 for ACT

Career Coaching:  $475 all-inclusive (My test-prep students will receive a discount.)

College Interview Prep:  $130/hour

College Application Prep: $130/hour

College Essay Prep:  $130/hour

Personal Statement Prep:  $130/hour

Fees are subject to change for students starting after December 31, 2018.

For information on any of the above services, please select from the Pages menu.