College Essay Preparation

The purpose of the College Application Essay is to provide universities with
information that the numbers don’t reveal – the student’s character, personality, level
of maturity, interests, and style. An impactful, interesting essay can increase a student’s chances of admission to a university.

In College Essay Preparation, the student will

  • learn what universities want to see in the College Application Essay
  • learn the “Dos and Don’ts” for the College Application Essay
  • learn the different categories of essay questions (and which one to avoid)
  • analyze sample essays to identify strengths and weaknesses/mistakes
  • select the first essay to be written, choose a suitable topic, and organize ideas
  • write the all-important first sentence and solidify ideas for the conclusion
  • set a deadline for submitting the completed essay to me for review and editing

For students writing multiple essays, we can also determine the order in which they should be written. By starting with the more general questions and then working down to the more specific ones, a student can often re-use or re-work content to suit a different essay question from a different college.

Depending on how much work the initial draft of an essay needs, we will work on revisions either by email or in person in my office. We can decide which would be best after I have reviewed the first draft of the essay.

Because there is a “black market” for College Essays, I want to assure you that I hold my students’ College Essay content in the strictest of confidence, and that I do not deal in the buying or selling of College Essays.

For more information, parents may contact me to arrange a phone consultation.You will not be subjected to a sales pitch. We will simply discuss the student’s needs, and I provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. For fee schedule, please click here.