College Application Preparation

College applications are much less stressful for students – and for parents! – when students understand the process and get organized in advance. But what information do students need for college applications? Where/how do they obtain the information, and where should they begin?

In College Application Preparation, the student will

  • learn what information is required on college applications
  • begin to compile the necessary information
  • learn where/how to obtain additional information
  • view selected colleges’ requirements and deadlines for applications
  • create a calendar, if needed, for application deadlines
  • learn about Early Action, Early Decision, and Rolling Admissions
  • view essay requirements for selected colleges
  • learn how recommendations are submitted and how to initiate the process
  • create an account for the first application to be completed
  • begin filling out the first college application

For a student who will be submitting the Common Application, we will start with this one because it is quite informative and student-friendly. After having completed one application, the student will be able to handle other applications more confidently and independently.

Some students may simply need a one-session jump-start on College Applications, while others may need several sessions. The student will bring his/her laptop to each session. Each student’s college application information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

This service does not include college guidance counseling on college selection or on financial aid. (I already have a full-time job!) It is designed for the student who has already selected several colleges to which he/she wants to apply. 

For more information, parents may contact me to arrange a phone consultation. You will not be subjected to a sales pitch. We will simply discuss the student’s needs, and I will provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. For fee schedule, please click here.