Career Coaching

My Career Coaching services are appropriate for both high school and college students who are having difficulty choosing a course of study or career path that they really want to pursue. This type of Career Coaching is not focused on the “hot jobs,” because the “hot jobs” of today are unlikely to be the “hot jobs” of tomorrow. Instead, the purpose is to position the student to choose a satisfying career in which he or she will thrive.

Finding the best fit

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the instrument used for this type of Career Coaching, can help a student find several “best fit” career options in which he or she is more likely to succeed and to have a high level of personal satisfaction. Defining career goals – or just narrowing the field – before going to college can benefit a student in several ways:


  • Decreased anxiety
    Many students experience difficulty in choosing one career path from such a wide field of options. Lacking clear direction or well-defined goals can be a source of anxiety for students and for their parents. Career Coaching can help a student narrow down the field of options and pursue specific goals with confidence.
  • Targeted college selection
    Once a student identifies a preferred path of study, he or she can quickly narrow down college choices by focusing on schools that have strong programs in his or her area of interest.
  • Reduced cost
    A student who does not have well-defined goals prior to college is more likely to “flounder,” to change majors several times, and to spend an extra semester or year in college to finish a major. This will only add to the cost of his or her education.


Career Coaching usually requires two sessions.

Session 1: Pre-survey interview, administration of MBTI®

Session 2: Verification of results, explanation and discussion of results, Career discussion, selection of top three career interests.

During the second session, the student will be provided with written reports to take home. After the second session, I will initiate a follow-up phone consultation with the parents.

For more information, parents may contact me to arrange a phone consultation. You will not be subjected to a sales pitch. We will simply discuss the student’s need and issues, and I will provide you with additional information about my services. For fee schedule, please click here.