Gwen McLaughlin, a National Merit Finalist, began working as a Test Prep Coach at Major Math & More, Inc. in 2004 at the invitation of Dr. Marla Weiss. There she developed her own test prep curricula (SAT, ACT, GRE) with special emphasis on critical thinking skills.

Responding to her clients’ concerns that their college-bound teenagers were struggling to choose a career path, Ms. McLaughlin earned her certification as an MBTI® Qualified Career Coach, and in 2006, opened her own business in Naples where she continues to offer Career Coaching and Test Preparation services. In addition, Ms. McLaughlin offers College Interview Prep, College Application Prep, College Essay Prep, and Personal Statement Prep.

Prior to her move to Florida, Ms. McLaughlin worked for 13 years in the financial industry as a commodities trader, but has also been involved in academic coaching since her high school days, working one-to-one with high school and college students in English (Grammar, Writing, Critical Reading), Latin, French, and Mathematics.

Because college admissions continue to become more and more competitive, Ms. McLaughlin remains committed to helping motivated students reach their highest potential so they can approach standardized tests with confidence, maximize their scores, and have the best possible opportunities for higher education and for meaningful, successful careers.